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Welcome to the Northern Ireland Land Rover Club

About us

The Northern Ireland Land Rover Club is made up of a wide variety of members and vehicles from all over Ireland. We are dedicated to offering legal 4x4 off road driving to the owners of all 4x4 vehicles. We offer a range of events which are suitable for all types of 4x4 vehicle, from standard vehicles with all terrain tyres through to custom built winch trucks. You can be sure to find an event that suits you.

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Our events

Find the Right One for You

SAE Skills Assessment Event

SAE's are the ideal events for beginners and are a great way to learn your vehicles capabilities and develop your driving skills. These events are aimed to be none damaging (when driven with care) so are suitable for all vehicle types. Each event consists of 3 to 4 different trial sections, the further you progress through each trial the more difficult it becomes. The aim of the game is to complete the trial without stopping or hitting a marker.



Want to push you’re vehicle further and test your driving skills in locations inaccessible to the general public? Then forest runs are the events for you. Hosted in conjunction with the Forestry service we have access to some of the most remote off road driving on the Island. We offer both extreme forest runs for purpose built vehicles that don’t mind a few battle scars and gentler runs suitable for most mildly modified 4x4 vehicles. The gentler runs are by no means easy, so full recovery gear is essential.

Green Lane

Bring the family along and make a day of it. Our greenlane runs offer unprecedented access to some of the most stunning privately owned lanes and picturesque locations in Northern Ireland. As public greenlanes do not exist in Northern Ireland these events always attract a great turn out of a wide variety of vehicles and owners making our green lane days fantastic social events. 

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